Why Your Refrigerator Needs Repair


Article by: Jeff – Palm City Appliance and Air Conditioning Technician Expert

Servicing McAllen, Edinburg, and all of the Rio Grande Valley.


Buying a refrigerator can be expensive, especially if you are living in RGV, Tx. The average refrigerator costs $2000, with some costing $8000 and above. Therefore, rather than replacing your refrigerator with a new one; you go for refrigerator appliance repair. Here are some tell-tale signs that show your refrigerator is broken:

Not enough cooling

If your butter is getting soft in the fridge, and your food is starting to defrost, it’s time for refrigerator appliance repair. Your fridge is having problems maintaining the proper temperature. To prevent the food from going bad and racking sky-high energy bills and food bills, you should call in an expert from McAllen fridge appliance repair.

Food going bad

If your food is getting spoiled, you can bet that your refrigerator needs appliance repair. Remember, even a slight drop in temperature can spoil your food, and it should be enough to call in an expert from Palm City Appliance Repair from McAllen, Tx, to fix the problem.

There is condensation

There should not be excess condensation in the fridge. A little bit is okay and even expected. However, if there is condensation on your food, it signifies a problem. Perhaps the rubber seal needs to be replaced, or something more significant. In any case, you should consider that refrigerator appliance repair is needed. So call in the pros from McAllen, Tx, and let them handle it.

Ice building up

If there is ice piling up around your fridge walls, and every time you open it, you feel you are living in Siberia, there is a good chance your fridge needs repair, especially if it is repeatedly happening. So even if after defrosting you find the ice is sticking to the fridge walls, it’s best to let the experts do the work. Doing it yourself will probably cause more harm at this point.

Motor is Hot

Of course, your fridge’s motor might be warm because it is continually running. However, if the motor is becoming heated, there is something wrong with your fridge. Instead of waiting for the situation to get worse, you should call in an expert from Palm City who service all Rio Grande Valley residence. Most likely, after the refrigerator appliance repair is done, your fridge will continue to run smoothly, and the motor will no longer be overheated.

Unusual Noises

Refrigerators make soft, humming noises. However, if the temperature is going up, the motor and the compressor will start to make unusual noises. If these sounds become louder and continuous, know that it is time to call in the experts from RVG and go for refrigerator appliance repair. Other sounds you may want to be on the lookout for are clicking, buzzing, and hissing.

Water leaking from the fridge

If you start to notice water around the fridge, be sure to call in experts from McAllen, Tx. It is a sign that ice is building up in the walls or the back of your fridge. It might lead to long-term damage, so you might want to go for refrigerator appliance repair right away.

Last words

Thank you for reading this. If you are in the area, you should contact Palm City Appliance and Air Conditioning and get the professionals to fix the problem for you.

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