How to find out if your dishwasher is broken?

Article by: Pedro G. – Palm City Appliance Repair Lead Technician Dishwasher Repair Edinburg, TX You need a dishwasher to get through the day. Without it, your whole kitchen will be a mess. Quite literally. Most likely, something will happen to the dishwasher right before a big event. However, to prevent this from happening, youContinue reading “How to find out if your dishwasher is broken?”

How do you know your toaster needs repair?

The toaster can be quite an asset in your kitchen. It improves the quality of sandwiches and burgers along with other items, and it can make your morning’s quite hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about making the toast manually. That can be very tiresome. It is for this reason you need to ensure thatContinue reading “How do you know your toaster needs repair?”

Signs Your Stove Needs Repair – McAllen, TX

Stove and Oven Repair – McAllen, TX – Palm city Appliance and Air Conditioning Article by – Frank – Palm City Appliance Repair Lead Technician Your stove is probably the most important part of your kitchen. Without it, you can forget about throwing holiday parties or putting together a nice home-cooked meal. You want itContinue reading “Signs Your Stove Needs Repair – McAllen, TX”

How to Find Something is Wrong with your Oven?

Article by Jeff – Palm City Appliance and Air Conditioning Master Technician Palm City is located in McAllen, TX and services all local Rio Grande Valley cities. As the holiday season rolls around in Edinburg, TX, it’s clear you will require a functioning oven. Working with an oven could be relatively easy and time-saving asContinue reading “How to Find Something is Wrong with your Oven?”

Why Your Refrigerator Needs Repair

Article by: Jeff – Palm City Appliance and Air Conditioning Technician Expert Servicing McAllen, Edinburg, and all of the Rio Grande Valley. Introduction Buying a refrigerator can be expensive, especially if you are living in RGV, Tx. The average refrigerator costs $2000, with some costing $8000 and above. Therefore, rather than replacing your refrigerator withContinue reading “Why Your Refrigerator Needs Repair”

Why Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important – McAllen, TX

People usually overlook air conditioning maintenance. However, it should not be. Air conditioning systems are essential to keep your home cool during the hot summer months in the RGV. By getting AC maintenance done, you are saving yourself from months of frustration and anxiety. Here are some reasons why you should go for AC maintenanceContinue reading “Why Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important – McAllen, TX”

Signs your AC needs repair – McAllen, TX

As temperatures rise in Edinburgh, TX, you’ll need your AC. However, you also need to make sure that the air conditioner can keep your rooms cool. But do you need air conditioning repair? If you see any of the following signs, you will likely need an air conditioning repair: Warm Air When you can feelContinue reading “Signs your AC needs repair – McAllen, TX”

Why you should hire professionals for Appliance Repair

There are several appliances in our homes, ranging from washers to refrigerators and everything in between. Several times, they break down and you have to call in for appliance repair. In such a case, instead of carrying out the appliance repair yourself, you should call in the professionals.   The following are some reasons whyContinue reading “Why you should hire professionals for Appliance Repair”