Dryer Repair Services Done Right in McAllen, TX


Nothing says convenience better than having a dryer at home. I mean who wants to put a line up outside to hang clothes and let everyone see your undies. When the washer is done, just throw them into the dryer and have them ready to go in no time. Many customers don’t think to much about their dryers until the day comes where they are forced to because, well; surprise surprise, the dryer is dead. Now you are faced with 2 options, run the a line of rope you have buried somewhere in your shed and hang them the way your grandma did, or call Palm City Appliance in McAllen, TX and have us fix your dryer quickly with little inconvenience to you. When you give us a call, just let us know what the issue is and we will give you a free consultation on what the problem may be. Our team will fire up the jets and be there to find the problem and give you a solution.
 Heating Issues 
 Well let’s face it, one of the most common problems we have seen in our many years of doing dryer repairs, is the dryer is not heating anymore. May times this issue is caused by a malfunction in the thermal element or thermal fuse. Over time these things can become defective and stop heating altogether turning your dryer from a dryer to just an amusement ride for your wet clothes. Because we have the experience you need, we understand these issues better than anyone else, and can be there to get it fixed and heating properly again.
 Power Failures 
Power failure can happen for various reasons. Because your dryer runs on electricity, it can and will have electrical issues pop up from time to time. The electrical components of your dryer are vital and if anyone of them stop working, it can cause a cascade of failing parts. Whatever the case with yours, you can put money on the fact that our team knows what to do and how to fix it. We have the power to get the power back to your dryer.
 Noise and Excessive Vibration  
To many times we have gotten calls from customers that their dryer is shaking and making very loud noises. Whenever something like this happens there is other conclusion then to know that something is wrong. Experiencing these things can be worrisome but don’t panic. Our team at Palm City professionals have got it covered. Any type of shaking or noises are usually caused by the drum being out of line or coming off the track. We have the personal and parts to stop the shaking and noises caused by the dryer drum with no time at all.
 Dryer Vent Cleaning 
 Cleaning the filter in the dryer is common knowledge for most homes. But what many people don’t realize is that from time to time, the vent tubing also needs to be taken care of and maintenance properly. Excessive dust and lint can build up over time and make your dryer run inefficiently, run longer, and harder then it needs to. Palm City Appliance will clean out the excess lint, replace the tubing if necessary and give your dryer the much needed open flow so that it can last a long time.




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