Super Fast Washer Repair Services in McAllen, TX


Investing in a washer is investing in convenience you count on to be there when you need it. Having the ability to wash your clothes is very helpful, saving you time and money avoiding taking it to a laundromat. Of course, this convenience only happens if your washer is working properly. Finding that your washer is malfunctioning or damaged can leave you having to scramble and cause stress in your life that you don’t need. this can be a real nightmare to say the least. At Palm City Appliance of McAllen, TX, we understand all too well the importance of having a working washer, so that’s why we have dedicated our services all of our Rio Grande Valley residence. Regardless of the issues you may be facing, Palm City will face them for you and fix them.
 Overfilling and Drainage 
 One of the many problems we have encountered with washer repair is the problem of overfilling and drainage. There are several causes but most commonly we have found that clothing fibers can easily clog up drainage pipes making it hard for the water to drain out. Also, faulty inlet valves can cause too much water to build up in your machine. Whatever the cause of the washer water issues we will do a full inspection and determine the cause so that we can quickly rectify the problem.
 Power and Electronic Issues 
 Very often we get calls about washers that just don’t work at all, or start to do funny things that had previously not been doing. Electrical failures are very common and are usually fixable. As the washer ages, the electrical components and circuits start to age and fail causing serious issues with drainage and power failures. In many cases, that can be much more than just inconvenient, being potentially dangerous to use as well. The best thing to do in this situation is to call the professionals. We have got the years of experience needed to handle any electrical issues your washer may be having. You will find no appliance repair company better then Palm City Appliance in McAllen, TX
 Agitation Failure 
 The function of an agitator in the washer is so that the clothes can properly rotate and mix so that every part of your clothing is washed and cleaned. With a malfunctioning agitator you’ll probably be removing clothes that are still dirty, which means you’ll have to wash them again, wasting time, water, and money. We know that this can be frustrating, so why deal with it any longer. Let us check out your specific washer and fix it. We guarantee our work and know that we will leave it working like new.
 Noises and Excessive Vibration 
 Loud noises and excessive vibrations are never a good sign. Once you hear even a slight difference in the way your washer sounds, its time to give Palm City Appliance a call. If you are noticing vibrations, then like the noises, it’s time to give Palm City Appliance a call as well. There are a number of reasons why your washer would be malfunctioning and causing the noises and vibrations, thats why it’s best to leave it up to the RGV’s premier appliance repair company. Call us today to schedule a visit.




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