Top Quality Air Conditioning Installation Services in McAllen, TX

Having to replace your entire ac unit is not easy task. Although we advocate for air condition repair, and air condition maintenance, we understand that a new unit is sometimes the best option for your home. Perhaps you live in an older home and need to upgrade you entire system, or maybe you’re moving into a home where the previous residence didn’t do proper ac maintenance and have left you with a system that is on its last legs. Whatever the situation, having a professional company like Palm City handle your air conditioning installation is the smart choice.

Will Save yOu Money in The Long Term

If you have been though our website and happen to look at our air conditioning repair or air conditioning maintenance page, then you’ll see that we push for maintaining your unit and repairing to save money on having to replace an entire system. But, there is a grey area where maintenance is too little too late, and repairs are starting to pill up where a complete ac replacement is the best option for your pocketbook in the long term. Making that investment now, will help keep more money in your pocket.

Lower Energy Costs

As you know, technology is moving faster and faster every year. Your unit that is 5 – 10 years old, can still function and be repaired, but over time the amount of energy needed to cool the house goes up because your unit is aging and needing to work harder to do the same job. Each year your energy bill creeps up and up making things difficult on your family. With a new system, you take advantage of the latest technology and a superior system that will cool your home quicker and not have to work as hard.

We are excited to get your new air conditioning installed for you. Doesn’t matter if it’s an older home or a new construction, we will make sure that all your ac installation needs are met and handled professionally.




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